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Summary How to successfully manage a project? – Similar to the methodologies, tools and instruments used to train pilots on flight simulators, this training for project managers will use a project simulator! The course will familiarize the participants with professional knowledge to plan and execute all phases of a project.
Discipline Project and Process Management
Lecturer Friedrich Tontsch
Co-Lecturer to be defined
Location UAE or Europe
Duration According to Course Type (Compact, Expanded or Professional)
Target Group Executive Employees with first time operational experience
Class Size Up to 12–16 Participants

Detailed Description

If necessary the course will be taught in both English and Arabic. The lecturers will be assisted by a native Arabic speaking professional to translate the subject to the Arabic language and to bridge any language barrier.

A simulator (SimulTrain) will be used in this project management training program. Similar to flight simulators used to train pilots, this training for project managers will use a project simulator! In this project simulation, the participants are the manager of a project and they will manage all situations of the project to finally complete it within time, quality and budget.

SimulTrain introduces the participants to the normal situations and challenges that arise in every project. The participants will immediately experience the consequences of the decisions they make. Furthermore, they can track the evolution of the costs, schedule and quality, as well as the human factors. They will work in groups of 3–4 people.

The participants will perform the following activities:

  • Plan the resources in a project;/li>
  • Use the project management tools
  • Run a project effectively
  • Make group decisions in stressful situations
  • React correctly when confronted with typical problems of project management
  • As a result, the participants will learn how to work and make decisions as a team

The feedback and consequences of their various decisions are immediately visible. Human factors such as motivation, team spirit and communication are extremely well integrated. At the end of the simulation, the trainees assess their individual mistakes and then as a group in a separate session (lessons learned). The simulator involves multimedia technology, providing the participants to receive many phone calls, e-mails and voice-mails, thus immersing them in a realistic project atmosphere.

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The Lecturer

Friedrich Tontsch

Friedrich Tontsch

IT Project Management

Expert for People Development and Adult Education  |  IT management consultant  |  Over 30 years of experience in the area of systems development  |  Has been working as project manager and as quality manager of several large-scale projects  |  Main areas are: strategic planning, project management, quality management, innovation management, IT-architectures  |  Expertise in introducing innovative technologies and organizations into companies  |  Personal coach to IT- and project managers