KTC – Knowledge Transformation Center

  1. Arabic Culture and Made in Germany combined

    We are well experienced with the arabic culture by living in the MENA region and working with various clients for many years. German excellence. MENA relevance.

  2. Academic- and Operational Knowledge combined

    We link our theoretical knowledge with good business practice by providing leadership from academic professors in partnership with senior business experts.

  3. Occupational-Psychology and Business combined

    We combine leading edge occupational psychology and operational business knowledge. Our experts are leading heads of western European academic institutions or former German business line manager from best in class organizations.

Organizational Development through Human Capital Development

KTC – Knowledge Transformation Center supports international clients in emerging markets, since 2006 in the MENA region and particularly in UAE – building on local presence in Dubai & Germany.

Our Approach

Former clients either co-founded KTC or in some cases even joined KTC as experts, trainer or consultants with their unique professional contribution.

We at KTC see in our clients potential partners in the knowledge transformation journey.

What you get

  • We share our operational experience as line manager
  • We transform academic knowledge into practice
  • We change views and opinions about topics
  • We introduce the concept of the german school subject Well-Being
  • We deliver sustainable solutions Made in Germany

Our Solutions and Your Deliverables

0. Sustainable and innovative People Development Programs
The operational know-how to increase the HR Development Departments’ ROI

1. Innovative Organizational Redesign using scientific knowledge
The art to initiate innovation and happiness in corporates, schools & society

2. Performance Improvement by using proven methods
The profession of observing, interviewing and providing feedback smartly

3. Operational Project Management
The art and the minimum toolset of delivering projects successfully

4. Operational Knowledge Management
The experience of how to organize KM successfully

5. HR department as business partner
The know how to transform the concept "HR as business partner" into practice

Our contact persons at the client

Client's contacts usually are C, director or business unit manager level. In a nutshell: the ones responsible for moving the business forward.

Made in Germany

HR Business Consulting made in Germany

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Competence Development made in Germany

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Our Know-How

General overview of your access to our academic partners knowledge.

  • Dr. Ernst Fritz-Schubert

    Dr. Ernst Fritz-Schubert

    Developer of the school-subject & curriculum "Happiness and Well-Being" for German schooling system  |  Founder of the Fritz-Schubert Institute  |  Consultant to the German Government  |  Author and publisher of several books in the context of learning and Well-Being, www.fritz-schubert-institut.de

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann Know-how Center GmbH TU Graz ZBW – Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

    Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann

    Director of German National Library of Economics and Leibniz Information Center for Economics, www.zbw.eu  |  Director Know-Center Graz (Austria), know-center.tugraz.at  |  Former Head of the Institute for Knowledge Management at the Graz University of Technology, www.kmi.tugraz.at

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Christ

    Prof. Dr. Michael Christ

    Professor for Human Resource Management at University of Applied Sciences, Mainz/German  |  Former Global Head of Human Resources at Döhler GmbH  |  Former Head of Leadership Development at Deutsche Lufthansa AG/Lufthansa School of Business and Deutsche Bank AG


  • Prof. Dr. Olaf-Axel Burow Universität Kassel

    Prof. Dr. Olaf-Axel Burow

    Professor for General Pedagogics at the University of Kassel since 1996, www.olaf-axel-burow.de  |  Well-Known Expert for Future Search and Creativity Methods and Large Groups Interventions  |  Well-Known Expert for Future Search, Creativity Methods and initialization of Happiness in organizations, schools and society  |  Former Dean of the Department of Humanities and Director of the Institute of Education (IfE)  |  Several Books about Happiness, Gestalt-Therapy and Gestaltpedagogics, the Training of Creativity, Models of Collaborate Work, Participation-Design, School- and Organizational Developement

  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz

    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz

    Currently Professor for Human Resources / Employer Branding at a well know German private University for Applied Sciences. Former HR Director and Board Member of Bertelsmann Media Group  |  Senior Human Resource executive with extensive international management experience in the Production, Insurance and Media Industries as well as in the Consulting Business  |  Expertise in strategic and operational Human Resource  |  Activities in complex international settings  |  Co-Founder of HaritzChur&Partner, haritzchurpartner.com

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