KTC – Knowledge Transformation Center

Our Mission

We share our knowledge and we transfer our knowledge in order to move our clients to the next maturity level.

We innovate, design, build and run bespoke activities for corporate- and related people development.

We make the best use of valid occupational psychology based instruments and of the experience of our partner.

Our Value Proposition

KTC is located in the MENA region and positioned as partner for bespoke organizational development programs and related people development – bridging the gap between knowledge and experience.

Our delivery partners are senior professors – leading heads of European academic institutions and universities, assuring leading edge theoretical and operational knowledge and business experience. Their result-based solutions are successfully implemented internationally - backed by academic research and teaching.

All customized programs will be developed and adapted in agreement between our MENA clients, our European academic partners and our German business experts.

Our Principles and Deliverables

We assist our clients to maximize their performance by delivering highly customized executive and management education with a clear business school, corporate academy approach.

  • Customized program – no standard training

    These courses will be designed and customized to the specific requirements of your corporation and the maturity level of the participants. We do not offer courses with a pre-designed fixed agenda or content.

    However, we do use the basic principles, building blocks and methodology of the specific discipline, as well as apply our experience in the MENA region to create a unique, highly efficient and “relevant to daily practice” learning experience.

  • Business school and corporate academy approach
    with Arabic co-facilitator / expert / consultant

    These courses will be highly interactive as well as utilise a case-based and work-group environment. Experience sharing is the premier principle of our knowledge transformation approach.

  • Program formats that support growth and learning

    Our three preferred course formats are: Compact, Expanded or Professional.

    KTC does not offer pre-designed courses regarding content and agenda. Based on our experience, we recommend courses in one of the above formats, taking into consideration the level of participant maturity regarding their current knowledge and operational experience.

    More about the three course types →

  • Expert certificate issued by our academic partners

    An official certificate will be signed by our academic partner resp. the responsible lecturers and will be presented at the end of the course.

  • Inspiring and motivating learning environment and atmosphere