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Development Center Expert

Summary How to run the “Development Center” for professional Talent Selection. Determine the strengths as well as the areas of improvement of your internal hopefuls – your talents.
Discipline People Selection and Human Resource Management
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Michael Christ
Co-Lecturer Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz or Dirk Chur
Location UAE or Europe
Duration According to Course Type (Compact, Expanded or Professional)
Target Group Executive Employees with first time operational experience
Class Size Up to 12–16 Participants

Detailed Description

The Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Michael Christ

Prof. Dr. Michael Christ

Professor for Human Resource Management at University of Applied Sciences, Mainz/German  |  Former Global Head of Human Resources at Döhler GmbH  |  Former Head of Leadership Development at Deutsche Lufthansa AG/Lufthansa School of Business and Deutsche Bank AG


The Co-Lecturer

Dirk Chur

Dirk Chur

Founder  |  German National

People Selection and Human Resource Management

Expert for People Development and Adult Education, www.churpartner.de  |  Details, More Info ...

Phone UAE: +971 50 2595499
Phone Germany: +49 170 910 9323