KTC – Knowledge Transformation Center

Knowledge Management Expert

Summary How to implement Knowledge Management successfully? Tools and instruments in practice.
Discipline Knowledge Management
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann
Co-Lecturer Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz
Location UAE or Europe
Duration According to Course Type (Compact, Expanded or Professional)
Target Group Executive Employees with first time operational experience
Class Size Up to 12–16 Participants

Detailed Description

Leadership of this course is shared by Prof. Dr. Tochtermann and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz.

Both are senior Professors with an impressive track record in the academic community and business world.

If necessary the course will be taught in both English and Arabic. The lecturers will be assisted by a native Arabic speaking professional to translate the subject to the Arabic language and to bridge any language barrier.

The course will cover all relevant aspects of the subject to successfully implement KM into daily practice.

The course modules cover:

  • Aspects of the relevant KM business needs
  • Relevant KM measurables
  • Proven KM instruments and a KM toolbox

The course will be highly interactive as well as utilise a case-based and relevant work-group environment. Experience sharing is the premier principle of our knowledge transformation approach.

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The Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann Know-how Center GmbH TU Graz ZBW – Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann

Director of German National Library of Economics and Leibniz Information Center for Economics, www.zbw.eu  |  Director Know-Center Graz (Austria), know-center.tugraz.at  |  Former Head of the Institute for Knowledge Management at the Graz University of Technology, www.kmi.tugraz.at

The Co-Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Haritz

Currently Professor for Human Resources / Employer Branding at a well know German private University for Applied Sciences. Former HR Director and Board Member of Bertelsmann Media Group  |  Senior Human Resource executive with extensive international management experience in the Production, Insurance and Media Industries as well as in the Consulting Business  |  Expertise in strategic and operational Human Resource  |  Activities in complex international settings  |  Co-Founder of HaritzChur&Partner, haritzchurpartner.com