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Operational Project Management (PM) Fundamentals Expert

Summary Together with our client, we develop a unique PM class with the focus on the areas of improvement of their existing operational PM process. As a result, the course will cover all specifics of the clients own project phases, governance structure, templates, wording, tools and instruments, level of detail and complexity.
Discipline Project and Process Management
Lecturer Friedrich Tontsch
Co-Lecturers to be defined
Location UAE or Europe
Duration According to Course Type (Compact, Expanded or Professional)
Target Group Executive Employees with first time operational experience
Class Size Up to 12–16 Participants

Detailed Description

Leadership of this course is shared by Friedrich Tontsch and a group of experienced operational project managers from various project sizes.

We are not delivering a standard PM class which addresses and teaches the worldwide PM de facto standards such as PMI, Six Sigma or others.

What we will deliver is: Together with our client, design a unique PM class with the focus on the areas of improvement of the existing operational PM process. This will include the performance and experience gained from the past.

Following the design, the roll out stage will cover all specifics of the clients own project phases, regulations, governance structure, templates as well as the existing wording, tools and instruments, and level of detail and complexity.

During the last 10 years, we have successfully delivered this approach to various clients in the MENA region.

The main contents of that course will include:

The content will be developed and customized to the needs of the client, balancing de facto standards and the specific situation of the client. The results will provide useful modifications, practical tools and shortcuts which the class will be able to easily learn and implement.

The course will be highly interactive as well as utilise a case-based and relevant work-group environment. Experience sharing is the premier principle of our knowledge transformation approach.

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The Lecturer

Friedrich Tontsch

Friedrich Tontsch

IT Project Management

Expert for People Development and Adult Education  |  IT management consultant  |  Over 30 years of experience in the area of systems development  |  Has been working as project manager and as quality manager of several large-scale projects  |  Main areas are: strategic planning, project management, quality management, innovation management, IT-architectures  |  Expertise in introducing innovative technologies and organizations into companies  |  Personal coach to IT- and project managers